ReLight Conference 2017

Dear Friends,

We have been granted another year of life by our Lord! Thus, we have the pleasure of continuing our annual youth conference “Relight,” and would like to extend an invitation to you. This year, the conference will be held March 17th through 19th at LifeWay Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA.

Main Speakers:
Jan Vezikov, pastor and a church planter from Boston, MA
Benjamin Mishi, pastor of LifeWay Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

Topic: The Sufficiency of Scripture
Admission: $25 ($45 for young couples)

Introducing our speaker for 2017

Jan, pronounced “yahn,” (as in “never beyond grace” or “yarn” with a Boston accent) moved to Boston in July, 2009 with his little ladies to tell people about Jesus and gather people into a community of faith called a church. Pastor Jan was born in Estonia, but grew 15895445_1231514256934548_3005714173530431465_oup in the great state of Rhode Island. He graduated with a triple major in International Relations, Business Economics, and Slavic Studies from Brown University, in Providence, RI. After working a couple years as an analyst, Jan devoted several years to studying theology and the Scriptures. In May 2009, he graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree, focusing in Advanced Biblical studies. Pastor Jan is also currently working on his ThM at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Most importantly, however, Jan loves Jesus, his beautiful wife Tanya, and their baby girls Sophia, Elizabeth, and Ekaterina.