Silent No More Conference

November 27

9:00am        Registration
10:00am      Session 1 – The need for the Cross (Dimitrii Vulpe) (ENG)
11:45am       Coffee Break/Book Store
12:15am       Breakout sessions

Seminar 1: «Four principals of personal relationship with God» – Ilya Zayarchenko
Seminar 2: “Зачем мне церковь» – Taras Yaremchuk
Seminar 3: “What do you do when what you feel does not match with what you know” (Anton Yadzitsky) 

1:30pm        Lunch
3:00pm        Session 2 – Look to the Cross (Taras Yaremchuk) (RUS)
4:15pm        Group Discussions
4:45pm        Coffee Break
5:15pm        Panel Session
6:30pm        Dinner
7:30pm        Fellowship/Volleyball/

Saturday, November 28

9:00am        Registration
9:45am        Worship/Prayer
10:00am      Session 3 – Take up the Cross  (Benjamin Mishin)
11:45am       Coffee Break
12:15pm       Breakout session

Session 1: “Девушки и парни. Какими должны быть отношения” – Taras Yaremchuk (Rus)
Session 2: “The call to accountability” – Eugen Yakovlev (Eng)
Session 3: “Бог верен своей любви и в трудные времена” – Michael Segal (RUS)

1:30pm        Lunch
2:45pm        Street Evangelism
6:30pm        Dinner
7:45pm        Worship
8:00pm        Session 4 – Share the Cross (Taras Yaremchuk)



  1. Serving Homeless people (Center City) – Ilya Z (856) 220-3212
  2. Serving Homeless people (Kensington) – Michail S (570) 604-8269
  3. What Should I do Before I Die? (Center City) – Kristina Z (267) 252-1511
  4. People Interview (University City) – Eugen Y (267) 210-4743
  5. Free Hot Tea/Chocolate – Katya S (267)221-0257
  6. What Is Love (Center City) – Paul B (267) 474-6591
  7. Neighborhood Outreach (Tomlinson) – Paul (267) 506-3352

*If you would like to participate in a street evangelism – please, contact any of the group leaders above

Questions for Q&A text to 704-608-6968


Pastor Benjamin’s Seminar –  The roots of the desires of the flesh and it’s remedies